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Maryland legislation aids school children who have seizures

In 2019, Lauren Shillinger, of Frederick County, called her Maryland state lawmakers about a bill. The legislation would increase protections for children who experience seizures in school and mandate at least two staff members are trained how to medically respond. All teachers would need to take online seizure recognition coursework every year — provided by…


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Seizure Risk Forecasted Days in Advance with Brain Implant Data

Patterns of brain activity can be used to forecast seizure risk in epilepsy patients several days in advance, according to a new analysis of data obtained from clinically approved brain implants by neuroscientists at UC San Francisco, the University of Bern and the University of Geneva. “For 40 years, efforts to predict seizures have focused…


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How does COVID-19 affect seizures and epilepsy in patients?

The new coronavirus has spread throughout the world in a very short time and now has become a pandemic. Common neurological symptoms of the Covid-19 infection include delirium, confusion, headache, and loss of sense of smell and taste. In rare cases it can cause stroke and epilepsy… Read the full article


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Seizures During Menstrual Cycle Linked to Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

More frequent seizures during the menstrual cycle in women with genetic generalized epilepsy have been linked for the first time to drug-resistant epilepsy, when anti-seizure medications don’t work, according to a Rutgers coauthored study that may help lead to tailored treatments… Read the full article


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Three potential new targets for treating epilepsy

A major international study has uncovered three molecules that have the potential to be developed into new drugs to treat epilepsy. The findings are an important step towards discovering new drugs for people with epilepsy whose seizures cannot be controlled with current treatments… Read the full article


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Autism and seizures may share roots in development

Early behavioral signs predict seizures in autistic children, according to a new study. Previous work has shown that 5 to 46 percent of people with autism experience seizures. And autistic adults with epilepsy have, on average, less cognitive ability and weaker daily living skills than their autistic peers who do not have seizures… Read the…


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Reducing Suicide Risk in People With Epilepsy

About 12% of people with epilepsy experience suicidal thoughts at some point in their life. Among children and teens, the rate is as high as 20%. Compared with the general population, people with epilepsy are more likely to attempt suicide, and they are also more likely to succeed… Read the full article