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Many adults with epilepsy have fear of public spaces

Many adults with epilepsy have agoraphobia, or a fear of public places, new research suggests. That impacts quality of life and is something doctors should include in other screening that looks for anxiety or depression, the investigators said. Read the full article here.


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Family Planning With Epilepsy

Epilepsy impacts 1.3 million women of childbearing age across the United States.1 Couples with epilepsy often have concerns about passing the condition to their children, fertility, and pregnancy safety. Though epilepsy can present challenges, positive pregnancy outcomes are possible. This is especially true with planning and guidance from your healthcare team. Read the full article here. 


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Striving for Health Equity in Epilepsy Care: Elizabeth Felton, MD, PhD

The concern about health equity, a complex and multifaceted issue, has been brought up in many conversations across fields of medicine. In neurology specifically, there have been several conversations about improving access to care and making sure patients are receiving the best care possible. As conversations continue, more awareness is brought to the issue, promoting…


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New tech gives hope for a million people with epilepsy

About three million people in the United States have epilepsy, including about a million who can’t rely on medication to control their seizures. For years, those patients had very limited options. Surgery can be effective, but also risky, and many patients were not considered to be candidates for surgery. Read the full article here.