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Startup developing device to prevent epilepsy-related death receives funding

Neurava, a startup located in West Lafayette, Indiana, announced Monday (Nov. 1) that it has received more than $650,000 in seed funding led by Elevate Ventures with participation from Purdue Foundry, First Leaf Capital, UCB Biopharma, iO Life Ventures and angel investors. Neurava is developing a wearable device to monitor and alert for the impending…


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Combining clinical and EEG factors can help better predict treatment response in epilepsy patients

Combining electroencephalogram (EEG) data with clinical observations can help doctors to better determine whether generalized epilepsy patients will respond to treatment, according to a study led by Rutgers researchers. The study… uses a new statistical model that is 80 percent accurate in distinguishing between drug-resistant and drug-responsive generalized epilepsy. Read the full article here


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New study takes a ‘deep dive’ into brain infections that magnify epilepsy

SA has high rates of epilepsy, with one in every 100 South Africans living with the brain disorder, mainly caused by parasitic infections that affect the brain. In SA most of the seizure-causing brain infections in adults are caused by pig tapeworm larvae, Taenia solium, which is acquired by either eating undercooked pork or living…


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Sleep Neurotherapeutics: Identifying the Challenges and Opportunities

Sleep disorders are associated with a range of comorbidities and a substantial impairment in quality of life. Sleep disorders may result from or affect the progression of neurologic diseases, such as Parkinson disease, and they can also exacerbate or increase the risk for other comorbid conditions.1 For example, impaired sleep may worsen the severity of…


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Pet Dogs Can Alert Owners to Epileptic Seizures

Sit. Fetch. Stay. Detect seizure. Yes, you read that correctly. While many dogs are adept at following basic instructions such as “sit” and “roll over” with some practice and the promise of a treat, new research shows dogs can detect seizures by scent up to an hour before they occur, potentially saving their human’s life.…


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Late-Onset Epilepsy Linked to Increased Risk for Death in Older Adults

Compared with patients without epilepsy, those with late-onset epilepsy may be at increased risk for death, even after adjusting for comorbidities, according to study findings published in Neurology. In addition, the researchers found that adults with late-onset epilepsy (starting at ≥65 years) had a higher mortality risk due to stroke and dementia. Read full article…


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Family Planning with Epilepsy: What to Consider

For women with epilepsy, family planning involves some unique issues. Whether a woman wishes to delay pregnancy until the time is right or prevent pregnancy long term, an awareness of these issues will allow informed choices. Read full article here